Recap: April 4th-10th 2010

Not a lot of links this week. Spent most of it getting ready for Easter and then the read-a-thon! So there are some links related to that and a lot of links about YA and, of course, my new found love for graphic novels that I am exploring a bit more nowadays. It looks like there are going to be way more links next week as I get caught up with my Google Reader so stay tuned for that! Hopefully will even update on time on Saturday, won’t that be a novel experience?

Host of books appear as angels become theme of new teenage reading cult

I tweeted a little about this before, but this kind of expands on that, and covers a lot more books if you want recommendations for angel books to read!

RT @booksandwine: Top 100 YA Books from 100-81

April at Good Books and Good Wine has made a great list of the Top 100 YA books! (According to the book blogging community anyway, but hey, we matter too!) She has a series of posts with a list of synopsises (synopsisees? synopsisaii?) for each book. Check out the full list of the Top 100 YA Novels!

YA Graphic Novels coming out this Spring!

A great list of upcoming Graphic Novels! I think I’m ready to branch out from solely manga to some graphic novels as well and this list is definitely got my interest piqued!

I FOUND IT! I haven’t read it in over 15 years but found it w/ just synopsis! For the friendship to love mc: #readathon

I was so stoked to find Seaward by Susan Cooper after years of remembering the story and wanting to read it again but figuring there was no chance with what little I remembered. To find the exact book with the help of some serious Google-Fu on the part of my husband was way awesome. I have got to check this book out of the library and read it again. So many fond memories! I have a typo-laden rave on it during Hour 15 of the Read-a-Thon.

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