Recap: November 6th-12th 2011

Interesting news article that talks about the idea of receiving a digital copy with each print copy you buy, continuing to support print sales while more and more people are interested in going digital.

Fascinating article covering two African-American epic/high fantasy writers: N.K. Jemisin and David Anthony Durham.

The fourth production diary for The Hobbit was released this week. In it Peter Jackson talks about what it’s like shooting in 3D, and we get to see some of the set they built for Mirkwood!

Looking forward to this movie, and it turns out everything they were saying about it is true. This is a very dark take on the original fairy tale. I love how fantasy is making such a big come back!

A take on the Penn State scandal by Science Fiction writer John Scalzi. Worth a read for the parallels he draws between this terrible occurence and a science fiction classic “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin.

I wonder if this much fuss was kicked up when Technorati started up? An article urging you to delete your klout profile that stirred the pot a bit on twitter but last I checked people aren’t exactly leaving klout in droves because of it.

Pam at does not pull any punches when she, and many other bloggers received a very insulting and poorly thought out pitch. It threw a very illuminating light on the occasional problems that crop up when non-savvy members of the publishing industry try to utilize bloggers and blunder badly.

This post could not have been more timely, considering the link above this one.

Google+ Pages were released this past week and many book bloggers are setting up pages for their blogs. This article helps walk you through it.

This article might be dated but it is important. A good article to read over for anyone doing giveaways to make sure you are dotting all your i’s and crossing all your t’s when you are hosting a giveaway on your blog.

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  1. Sara at Saving For Someday
    4:08 am on November 15th, 2011

    Thank you for including my post about the legal implications of giveaways. While I did write it several months ago, the content is still current.

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