Recap: November 20th-26th 2011

Just in time for the holidays a fantastic way to find that perfect book for someone. Enter in the name of an author and a “map” will generate of other authors that are similar based on reader taste. Perfect to find similar authors to your faves or the faves of someone near and dear.

Book Drum is offering a new service: “The Book Drum World Map”. You can use it to browse the globe and find books set in countries around the world. There are over 150 books entered already and since it’s crowd sourced you can always submit more. A great way to go international with your reading.

There was a kerfuffle about Friday Reads two weeks ago now, their practices and monetization, etc. I’m sure you’ve read plenty on all of it but there are two posts I thought most relevant, one from The Book Maven above that includes a full disclosure of Friday Reads business practices.

The other is from My Friend Amy advising everyone in the book blogging world that has professional connections of any sort to please disclose them. Transparency is the best model when it comes to book blogging.

Google has done a clean up of their services this month and one that is getting cut is Google Friend Connect for non-Blogger blogs. For some book blogger this means the sky is falling, and understandably so.

For bloggers mourning the loss of their Google Friend Connect, Good Books and Good Wine to the rescue. Offering good advice and sound methods for working past this little hiccup and continuing to offer an accessible way for people to connect and subscribe to you blog, even using Google services to do it.

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