Recap: March 28th-April 3rd 2010

Last weeks links, finally posted! Some articles on literacy and young adult novels, some articles about my fave authors, and a lot this week about causes I believe in. Also, I swear this will be my last link I tweet about the I-Pad. Really. No more! Anyway, hope you enjoy them!

The Amish romance: Bonnets, but no bosoms

I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country, home to a very large number of Amish. So reading books like these always seemed so boring. That’s starting to change now that I don’t live there anymore and don’t see a member of the Order every time I turn around. This article ended up fascinating me more than I thought it would. I think I might have to crack open one of these sooner rather than later after all!

RT @parajunkee Parajunkee’s View: PJVs 666 Giveaway

A great giveaway taking place over at Parajunkee’s blog in honor of her 666th follower! Lots of great paranormal romance books up for grabs!

How the iPad Could Make Books Go Viral

Really interesting take on the whole iPad frenzy. I was particularly interested in Smashword’s marketing idea. Let the customer read the first half of the book for free and if they like it they have to pay to have the second half. I love that!

Oh, Yuck! Boys Don’t Have To Fall Behind In Reading #Literacy

An article about how boys are falling behind in several areas of school, literacy included, and what can be done to change that. I kind of liked the comment that said, while the commenter didn’t want to detract from the very real learning problems boys are having in school, that there is a certain ironic justice that after hundreds of years of girls being excluded from schools to have them be allowed and be treated on equal footing finally and to have it come out that we are better at it than the boys are. Heehee.

When Books Inspire Action (via @Atlantic_Online)

A very inspiring (ha!) article on how books can inspire us to action. Interesting reading for those of us doing the Women Unbound, Social Justice, etc challenges.

RT @MargaretAtwood Nothing witty to say about this one. Just needs to be done.

Sign the petition to Stop Violence Against Women!

Atwood in the Twittersphere (via @nybooks)

Margaret Atwood expands on the comments she made in a speech on a college campus which I tweeted about a few weeks ago: Atwood describes her writing path. in the speech she included some comments on Twitter and social media. The link I tweeted this week links to where she took those comments and expanded it to a full length article. It’s really interesting to read about!

The healing power of Jane Austen (via @TelegraphNews)

There has been a lot in the news recently about how Emma Thompson used Jane Austen to help get her through the pain of her divorce as she threw herself into writing the screenplay for Sense and Sensibility. This article talks about that and then goes on to expand on that theme for people finding relief for their pain in all sorts of literature and it turned out to be a really interesting read.

An author talks about the prevalence and borderline glorification of abusive relationships in Young Adult romance. I have noticed that in a lot of the YA books I read there are two guys in a girls life (the good guy and the bad guy) and she always, always goes for the bad guy, and all of the signs of an abusive relationship are there and she thinks she is getting a happily ever after, the end. That is seriously depressing/spooky/unnerving to consistently read about. It’s nice to see more and more people crying out against it. This should be exemplified so that young people can see the signs and know to avoid them, not glorified as the only way to have “true love”.

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