Recap: March 21st-27th 2010

Very few links this week, everyone is gearing up for the read-a-thon coming up on April 10th. Also coming up in the next few days is the launch of the I-Pad, a lot of the hype about it is undeserved I think (it’s going to ruin the world! and the publishing industry! and, and, Cheetos!). Okay, maybe it will ruin Cheetos, who wants to get orange powder on their $500 touch screen? The rest, probably unwarranted. I think a lot of what the internet and modern technology has done for the world has taken people by surprise and so now we’re jumping at shadows. Everything is going to be the next world changer that way we are never caught with our pants down. Anyone else find themselves exhausted by that constant level of “the sky is falling” from the media about every techno-related thing?

NPR article on ‘Twilight’: Edward The Vampire Sulker And His Beloved: Does This Story Work?

Later I found out this is actually a series that is on-going where these people are talking about Twilight and it’s impact on several levels. I thought it was interesting how they rejected the argument that because it was a book for teens that made the fact that it was not a well written story “okay”. Their argument was: saying something like that means that, for children, it’s okay to write trash and give them trash to read. It implies that their age means they don’t deserve well written, engaging stories.

Flights of angels on the shelf: The literary revival of heavenly creatures (via @IndyBooks)

Very interesting article about the resurgence of angels in literature and what that could mean in both social and literary contexts.

Amazon’s Kindle Gets Undercut by $150 Kobo E-Reader (via @cultofmac) FINALLY, an e-reader in my price range!

This got me very excited. A no frills e-reader that comes down into the price range I always swore I would buy an e-reader at. It’s coming out this May and as long as it allows you to put any ePub file you want on it (no matter what store it came from, or even if it came direct from publisher for review) than I will definitely be owning one before the year is out.

The Textbook Myth Texas ruling the textbook market nothing but “urban myth”, hasn’t been true since the mid 90’s

I found it interesting that according to people actually familiar with the textbook market that we have no child left behind to thank for this. The requirement for textbooks to adhere to standards set by various states means that they have for the last decade been taking a core model textbook and manufacturing different flavors for each state market depending on standards. They will simply make one bold flavor for Texas and, for fear of backlash, leave the textbook unchanged for all other markets.

2 Responses to Recap: March 21st-27th 2010

  1. Aarti
    6:28 am on April 1st, 2010

    I love the NPR Twilight read-along! It makes me laugh 🙂

    I am also pretty grateful to hear that the Texas school board doesn’t have quite the power it used to over other states. But… it still freaks me out that they are allowed to do that sort of thing!

  2. Bitsy
    7:29 am on April 1st, 2010

    Thankfully Texas has a very lenient system for home schooling, so at least they have that to fall back on if you don’t agree with the party line. I agree though, the way they are just editing out parts of history (large parts just because they “had never heard of it before”) is very scary to think about.

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