Recap: April 11th-17th 2010

Wow, I’m a week behind, so here are the links from two weeks ago and the one link I tweeted last week. More on vampires and their ethics, Fairy tales and their shocking roots, laws you didn’t know you were breaking (you naughty book blogger you!), and tips true for anyone looking to be taken seriously as a professional online but set out for authors in particular. Enjoy!

Publisher warns US readers buying books from the UK and abroad that its illegal, breaks copyright law:

This link was probably one of my most popular of all time. Over 40 people clicked to read it! And yes, in it an American publisher really does rant about how some fans of the novels it publishes were buying them several months early from overseas and complaining that the robbing of its sales was considered illegal. Whether it actually is or not seems to be divided as far as the comments are concerned. I buy (and mooch) from overseas regularly myself. Has any one else heard anything about the legality of buying books from overseas?

Top 10 Gruesome Fairy Tale Origins They left out LRR eating her grandma’s flesh and blood and stripping naked for wolf.

Yes, I covered this and more gruesome origins in my Fairy Tale Friday post for Little Red Riding Hood. Some of the gruesome origins from the link were new to me as well and got me curious about just where these fairy tales are coming from!

Ethical Vampires Part I: & Part II:

Interesting article on the ethics of Sookie Stackhouse novels versus Twilight novels, also talks about the ethic and history of vampirism in literature which was very interesting. One of the main points turned out to be how Twilight really gives nothing but lipservice to the idea of ethics in being “vegetarian”, that while they did not literally kill humans they still did plenty else that sucked the blood out of humankind, just in non literal ways. As far as Meyer was concerned as long as no actual killing was going on that made them “good” enough for her.

Five Mistakes to Avoid on your Author Website (via @forwardmag)

I’ve been trying to articulate these issues with author websites that I’ve been coming across and this article does it for me perfectly. I didn’t want to come across as rude or forward and was concerned about them taking the advice badly besides. This was written tasteful and true. Very good advice on offer!

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