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This blog contains pictures and stories from my adventures with The Sims 2 as well as my current progress on the many challenges issued by The Sims 2 community.

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Serafina Sapphire Deals With Kids

Filed under The Officially Wacky BoolProp Challenge > 1st Generation on March 03, 2008

The house was full to bursting, I had four adults, four kids, a toddler, two wolves and a baby on the way. The Officially Wacky Challenge was quickly approaching Mad House status.

University Legacy Challenge

"There's another baby on the way? Seriously!?"

And, even with all those people in the house, at the time there was only two a half baths. The upstairs was still bare bones furnished and I hadn't even purchased a shower for the other bath yet. This meant playing in one of the two showers on the lot was a big no-no.

University Legacy Challenge

"Very cute, Basil. Now get out of the tub."

I had just finished the first floor and now the outside to my liking. Except for the driveway, but that was going to take some saving up. Mainly to get the car!

University Legacy Challenge

"Pink rose bushes, pink flower barrels, pink flamingos... looks good!"

And, of course, Urshanabi and I came to the same realization at the same time.

University Legacy Challenge

"We don't need to do all the cleaning and straightening up of flamingos and such anymore! That's what the kids are for! Don't you see? Free slave labor!"

The next morning yet another member of the free slave labor force was born. A baby girl that I named Violet. Of course, the entire troupe in their bear footed PJs came over to check it out.

University Legacy Challenge

"Not another one..."

This is just to show off one of the kids brought home from school. Her name is Luna, doesn't she look just like Luna Lovegood?

University Legacy Challenge

"Where are the narfels?"

Basil and Briar were the first to get to move into the Children's Study Room. Not that they appreciated that at all, of course.

University Legacy Challenge

"Homework is so boring. They won't even let you submit your assignments in pink!"

After homework was done it was finally time for the oldest set of twins to grow up.

University Legacy Challenge

"I wish that there were no more kids! At least until I grow up and can have some of my own..."

That night I had not one, not two, not even three, but five wolves in my Dog Yard. Granted two of the wolves were my own, but one of them was a girl wolf named Ginger, and two of them were Leaders of the Pack.

University Legacy Challenge

"I guess they like the new digs."

I noticed Whitlock was stinking in the last pic so I sent Serafina out to bathe him. A thunderstorm came up mid-bath. As soon as she was done with Whitlock she stood up just in time to get struck by lightening.

University Legacy Challenge

"Mother of all Pink Ouchies!"

Luckily her needs were fresh when I sent her out so it didn't kill her. But, it was a very close thing!

While all of this was going on I had Briar in the basement (which still had grass for flooring and bare walls) working on Practising a Case with the Law Career Reward to raise some money. Because I had spent it all on decorating the house and had no money for his or his sister's clothes. Heh. Here he is after a good night's hard work!

University Legacy Challenge

Basil Sapphire: Fortune Sim

University Legacy Challenge

Briar Saphhire: Family Sim

Finally the wolves relationship was high enough with each other I had them try for puppies! It was successful.

University Legacy Challenge

"Oooh! Pink fireworks!"

In the nursery Violet had become a toddler. I tended to take out all the toys and locked the door to allow only the current care taker in leaving Ornella with nothing to do so she would sit still for five seconds while I got her smart milk and had someone sit down with her to teach her a skill. Here she keeps queueing up wanting to play with the Logic toy but Violet is already playing with it. Ornella keeps inching a little closer every time but she hasn't come to outright shoving Violet off at least. Well, not yet anyway.

University Legacy Challenge

"I can has? Is mine!"

Here Ornella complains about the locked door while Owain gets a Thinking Cap on to work with her. She is so impatient. But, then, aren't all toddlers?

University Legacy Challenge

"I can't has. Not mine."

By morning I had her in Platinum and was ready to grow her up. I let Brahm do the honors. My grand plan on how to keep her from eating cake? Deleting it.

University Legacy Challenge

"But, I want cake! Is mine!"

She grows up into the most freakin' adorable... *breaks down in tears* Absolutely cute, uniquely cute, win the heir poll cute. It just isn't fair.

University Legacy Challenge

"Time to go play!"

Her absolute favorite past time? Playing mahjong. At all hours of the day. Whether or not someone is at the table with her. I have to have someone go and hug her to get her off the thing so she will go take care of her needs every once and a while too. Which she does occasionally. On a whim.

University Legacy Challenge

"Play! Play! I'm tired! I'm hungry! I need to pee! But, I want to PLAY!"

Olive and Orchid bring home their own friend from school. With much complaining they agreed to watch a few cartoons. But, only until their fun was up and then they switched it off. TV is not this generation's cup of tea.

University Legacy Challenge

"Don't you want to be our best friend? Even just a little bit?"

When Ornella wasn't playing with a desperation bordering on madness. She was cleaning. Just like all the other kids like to do. Actually I've taken to having the other kids queue up other stuff to do after dinner knowing Ornella will pick up the slack and do the dishes.

University Legacy Challenge

"La-De-Dah, cleaning is a special type of play. Play."

Next time: puppies are born, lawn gnomes are stolen, towel racks are critiqued.

Posted by Bitsy at 09:32 AM
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Okay so im totally in love with Briar she is beutiful especially now that she's a teen. This might be my last comment but i'll be still reading that's a promise. Keep up the good work!!!!!

Posted by: Christian on March 9, 2008 11:08 PM

Hi! Can you create a sims like Luna Lovegood? If you can, please make it for me... you can upload it on www.thesimsresource.com... Thanks before...

Posted by: Gaz on January 10, 2009 01:48 AM

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