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This blog contains pictures and stories from my adventures with The Sims 2 as well as my current progress on the many challenges issued by The Sims 2 community.

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Owain Blatherwell Gets Abducted

Filed under The Officially Wacky BoolProp Challenge > 1st Generation on March 01, 2008

Before I knew it the first set of twins had grown into children. I also had gotten Serafina pregnant with her second pregnancy. With all the men hanging around I had plenty of people to pick up the slack in the cooking, cleaning, repairing and child rearing. In fact, aside from having the kids, Serafina was more of the bread winner type between working on career related stuff and cranking out paintings. The men were the stay at home types that stargazed all night and kept house during the day. Anyway, here's Briar all grown up in her pink PJs.

University Legacy Challenge

"Pink's alright, but I prefer green though. Don't tell Mom!"

Here is Serafina well into her second pregnancy.

University Legacy Challenge

"I may not do any of the other picking up around here but I am insistent when it comes to making my bed!"

I dressed the twins alike initially, because I thought it was cute. But it was getting to the point where I couldn't tell them apart. I dress Briar in an identical outfit in green later.

Here's Briar:

University Legacy Challenge

And, here's Basil:

University Legacy Challenge

At this point I managed to get Whitlock adopted. One wolf down, one to go!

University Legacy Challenge

"You're such a good puppy dog, not a big scary wolf at all, are you?"

Unfortunately he was not housebroken. Thankfully the twins were just as big of a set of neat nicks as their mother was. So they happily followed along behind the dog (and everyone else come to think of it) and cleaned up their messes.

Also, if you look around I had finished off the living room and dining room at this point. Pretty nice, huh? There will be better pictures later.

University Legacy Challenge

"Bye-bye stinky dog puddle!"

Serafina ended up giving birth to a second set of twins. Twin girls this time with the same hair color, eye color and skin color as the older set. I named them Olive and Orchid. I didn't get any pictures of them as babies and only one picture of one of them as a toddler. You aren't missing out on much, they are practically identical.

University Legacy Challenge

"Invisible twin."

Uh-oh, the mayor says I'm a leading cause of global warming! That's because I'm crazy and installed the No Family Size Limit hack. So now I had four adults, two kids, two toddlers, a baby on the way, and a wolf and I was about to add another wolf. I had to use boolprop to add her actually, the hack wouldn't allow it even after the wolf accepted the interaction. I let the creator know. This is Sui, a sweet wolf, or as sweet as wolves get, who is to be Whitlock's mate.

University Legacy Challenge

"Such a sweet girl! You just couldn't resist all the pink, could you?"

Saturday must have rolled around, I'm guessing. The twins wake up, make their beds, and then start up a good old fashioned pillow fight. As you can see the upstairs remains largely unfinished. I'm taking it one room at a time.

University Legacy Challenge

"And, take that! And, that!"

That night I finally, finally got my first MOAR ALIENS abduction! Ignore Serafina in the background, with the Drew Rule there is always one broken sprinkler.

I thought it amusing that everyone celebrated Owain's return save for Basil that laughed at him. Hm. I think you might come to regret that, Basil!

University Legacy Challenge

"What a wild ride!"

And, yes, he returned alien pregnant.

University Legacy Challenge

"Sweetness. Hope it doesn't come out pink."

The rest of the evening went quietly enough. Serafina went back to meditating, Brahm and Owain went to sleep, and the twins started up a game of Mahjong while their father painted quietly in the background. Something told me it was the quiet before the storm.

University Legacy Challenge

"Let's build a wall!"

Breakfast, of course, was grilled cheese sandwhiches.

University Legacy Challenge

"Dad, it's starting to snow!"

Sure enough on the first day of winter Serafina's third and final pregnancy came to a close with the birth of a single daughter, a bad daughter, a Bad Apple!

University Legacy Challenge

"Oh, no, this is just what I need."

I named her Ornella. Though I call her 'Nell or 'Nellie most days. Serafina handed 'Nellie off to her father so she could take a turn in the energizer. The first thing 'Nellie did was spit up all over him. Wonderful.

University Legacy Challenge

"Eugh! That's disgusting!"

That night the twins were gotten out of the nursery ASAP so I could concentrate on the Bad Apple. Here's Olive:

University Legacy Challenge

"Hi little fishies! I'm your queen!"

And, I experimented with Orchid. I wanted to see if I could remotely get Orchid to not grab a slice of cake without controlling her. I couldn't. Poor thing had to have the interaction canceled just as she set out the slice to eat. What a tease I am!

University Legacy Challenge

"I don't want yucky grilled cheese, I want my cake!"

This new set of twins were neat freaks too. Often time right out of bed they were straightening up and taking out the trash without even getting dressed first!

University Legacy Challenge

"A clean home is a happy home."

Once the place was clean to their satisfaction they could then be cajoled into doing other things. They loathed the TV and no one has even touched the video game console yet. But they love to play Mahjong.

University Legacy Challenge

"It's far more elegant! I wish the pieces were pink though."

And, to end the update on a truly sinister note, Ornella has grown into a toddler. Luckily I already had some plans in place and she just might make it to childhood no worse for the wear. I hope.

University Legacy Challenge

"I can has toilet to play in?"

Next time: more of the house gets finished off, an alien baby is born, and lightening strikes!

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