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Robi Windling Gets Abducted

Filed under University Legacy Challenge > 4th Generation on January 24, 2007

When last we left the Windlings Elissa was on the brink of bringing in fourth generation. As it was she was meditating through the pregnancy because I can't be bothered chasing after pregnant Sims with more autonomoty then brains.

University Legacy Challenge

"Just breath in and out slowly... there! No need decay!"

Soon enough her efforts were rewarded with a bouncing baby boy that I named Nereus.

University Legacy Challenge

"What! I don't even get to name the little brat?"

Mercury's new job was the offical Windling Family Mop Boy. The maid couldn't keep up with all the puddles, so I had Mercury help him out every morning just to try and keep the place clean, and to keep Sims from taking ridiculous round about trips to try and avoid the puddles.

University Legacy Challenge


Robi meanwhile had started snagging whoever the random person ended up being that comes by at 10:30AM and invited them to sit on the bench out from for a chat. It was a great way to have him earn a new friend every day.

University Legacy Challenge

"So, Komei, how are things going with Demeter and Heracles?"

Before I knew it Nereus had become a toddler. The signature color for this generation, by the way, is green.

University Legacy Challenge

"I'm wearing green! I'm wearing geeen! Wait a sec, I'm wearing a stripe of green, how cheap is that?"

Hey you have little green dinosaurs all over your jammies, at least, be happy with that!

University Legacy Challenge


The ghosts were still causing havoc. It was especially harsh on my stargazers. You see, one bloodline is going to have ten children every generation, that would be the second bloodline, the first bloodline on the other hand is going to try and concentrate on having as many alien abductions that result in pregnancies as possible. To that end, every night Robi, Evander, Remus and Anubis hopped into the two available energizers, two at 5 PM and two at 6PM and then all four stargazed from 7PM to 4AM every night.

There is a straight 0.05% chance of an abduction every seven Sim minutes between those hours and with four fertile Sims stargazing I hoped that the Pollination Technician would bite. Hey, that's a pretty good analogy, I've always thought attempting to get an alien baby was a bit like fishing, only you don't have to deal with any worms.

University Legacy Challenge

"Nope, just ghosts!"

All the men around the house were great for helping out with the baby. Especially with Mercury on mop duty and Elissa meditating.

University Legacy Challenge

"Hey there, now be a good boy for your Uncle Remus. *chuckles* Well, actually I'm not your Uncle Remus, in fact I'm not an uncle at all, I'm your first, no wait, second cousin, once removed. Um, yeah, you want a bottle?"

Elissa finally had entered labor in her second, and last, pregnancy.

University Legacy Challenge


She gave birth to a baby girl that I named Nimue. With Nimue's birth (actually her conception) I had kicked the oldest male, Anubis, out of the house.

University Legacy Challenge

"Well, I'm glad to see you're pleased, Mercury."

Nereus meanwhile just kept being an adorable toddler. Yes, this is a completely gratuitous toddler picture.

University Legacy Challenge


It wasn't long before Nimue was an adorable toddler too.

University Legacy Challenge

"Who's your favorite Great Uncle?"

University Legacy Challenge


Once Nereus was a child it was out of the nursery and into the skills room for him.

University Legacy Challenge


That night the sisters Minerva and Venus haunted together. It was kinda sweet since it was the first time they were together on the same lot in nearly a lifetime.

University Legacy Challenge

"It's ladies night out."

Also that night I got my abduction.

University Legacy Challenge

"Oh no! I can't look!"

It was Robi of course. And, yes, he did come back pregnant, much to his wife's chargin.

University Legacy Challenge

"Oh no, not another baby!"

With some help from an energizer Robi recovered and got right back into his friend making regime.

University Legacy Challenge

"Hey, Ares, how's Marisa and Semele?"

Once he started showing though I had him adopt the life of a recluse and meditate through the rest of the pregnancy.

University Legacy Challenge

"Well, at least I have the Want for a baby to tide me over."

Just as Nereus left for his first day of school his mom returned from her 22 hour work shift.

University Legacy Challenge

"Jeez, Mom, way to make a first impression with the kids on the bus."

Points Earned: One point for fourth generation. One point for new NPC type in bloodline: Mail Carrier (Robi).

Posted by Bitsy at 12:00 AM
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So you're going to have Owain have the 10 kids for the scholarship points and *hopefully* impossible wants right? That's a great strategy, even though it means that both bloodlines won't be at the house at the same time.

Posted by: Josh on January 24, 2007 10:08 AM

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