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This blog contains pictures and stories from my adventures with The Sims 2 as well as my current progress on the many challenges issued by The Sims 2 community.

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Little Miss Sim: Selene Windling

Filed under Competitions > BoolProp on January 12, 2007

I've decided I want to have a place on my blog where I keep all of my entries for the various competitions I like to enter for fun from time to time. I also wanted to create entries for past competitions I've entered, such as this one.

I entered into the Little Miss Sim contest in April of 2006 having no idea really what I was getting myself into but interested in a crash course in competitions. Well, I got one!

Beauty Competition

Little Miss Sim at BoolProp.Com

Entry Round

"This is Selene Windling. She is from the fifth generation of my classic legacy challenge and is a cousin to the main family line. She has two mothers, one a fourth generation Windling, the other a townie. (Yes, she is genetically their daughter.) A summary of her life can be found here, you can also download her house there.

This is my first time creating a collage, so I'm hoping this turned out alright."

Selene Windling

Judges' Comments


Round One

Okay everyone, time for Round 1. This Round, you're doing a yearbook photograph. This is like a school photo, to be done on a grey background, and must be in black and white.

You will be marked on whether it is realistic (ie, like a real yearbook photo), your expression, and the overall look of the photograph.

"Here's Selene. I sort of took my cue from my eigth grade yearbook picture where you could go wherever you liked in the school to have your picture taken. Some of the guys thought it would be amusing to have their picture done by a urinal, I had mine taken in the library. Here, Selene has hers done by the lockers."

Selene Windling

Judges' Comments

- This is so surreal, I love the lighting although it's not awfully realistic. I don't like that you're not looking at the camera, as I think you would for a yearbook photo, but other than that.... great.

- Selene, very good work, your photo was beautiful.

Round Two

This round you'll be making a clothes ad! Make it as realistic as possible, with in-game backgrounds or otherwise, and remember - be sure to show off all the clothes!

"Skidding in at the deadline, as usual, is Selene. It's a common misbelief that glama is latin for llama. Hence the reason for the name of the store, Lama Glama. It's false advertising. :P And, I entirely blame the rain on crow29803. Re-finding that "easter egg" led to the inspiration for this advert."

Selene Windling

Judges' Comments

- Really cute ad, and adorable name and pics! The only thing that turns me against the ad is that I personally don’t like Selene, maybe its her hairstyle, or maybe her glasses I’m not sure, but this was still a fantastic ad, my 2nd fave!

- I love this ad, it's great and so cute. You look a bit 80's-ish, but maybe that's what you were going for. I didn't like the hair, it made you look.... gross.

Round Three

This round, you will be thrust head-first into the fashion industry, and we will see if you have the power to shine! You will be taking your pictures against a white background, with the most styling and glamorous hair, make up, and clothes you can find. No words, no backgrounds, just you - the star!!!

Selene Windling

"I also took a throw-away image from the same photo shoot that I couldn't use and made it into a desktop wallpaper that you can download here."

Judges' Comments

- Amazing, interesting dress. Her face kinda creeps me out, the pointedness of her nose I think. Glad to see you took off the glasses and changed her hair a bit.

- Wow, what a transformation! I really like the dress - although you took a risk with it, it paid off. The hair was great, but I have to agree with bridgins - your expression was a bit off here. Some people (and Sims!!) look best when they're smiling, some when they're not, some anywhere in between. It's good to see you experimenting, but this one didn't work so well.

Round Four

This week, you will all be wearing THAT swimsuit, and posing in THAT pool. Reolours of the pool are optional, background is optional, the layout is optional, but the picutre must have you in that swimsuit, in the wading pool. You should be having fun and doing what Little Miss Sims should know best - showing off to the camera!

"Here's Selene at the absolute last minute. Sorry, it's finals week. Selene is in her and her brothers' tree house, not on a beach, sorry. No beaches in Pangea, it's a moutain town. She's still having fun, still getting wet, and still smiling. Though, might I add, I thought the bathing suit was a little risque for someone twelve and under to be wearing, but maybe that's just me being old fashioned. It was rather hard to find a position for her to be in that didn't look lewd. I'm kinda tired and rambly, sorry if this dosen't make much sense. I'm off to bed then."

Selene Windling

Judges' Comments

- One word- Scary. After last times great work she has gone back to scary. Her hair looks greasy and too man-like, but I think you were trying to make it look wet. Her nose points when she smiles which for me has ruined two of your entries. I do like the tree house thing though and the green border like thing

- hmm.... it's a bit dull, and the whole border thing's not that great. I don't like your hair, and it's kinda blurry. Your eyes look nice

Result: Elimination

Posted by Bitsy at 12:00 AM
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aww forget about those darned judges she still looks great to me :DDD

Posted by: MeShaigia on March 16, 2008 05:58 PM

I thought she was just adorable! The first and second ones were my favorite, and I agree about the swimsuit, it is a bit risque.

Posted by: SweeneyAnSims on March 31, 2009 05:09 PM

i think she looks a bit too young to be posing like with her hand almost on her crotch!

Posted by: mel on January 22, 2010 11:33 PM

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