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This blog contains pictures and stories from my adventures with The Sims 2 as well as my current progress on the many challenges issued by The Sims 2 community.

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The Hollow Redux

Filed under Downloads > Windling Homes on February 07, 2006

Epimetheus Windling was once the twin brother of Prometheus Windling (now deceased). He moved out of Windling Gables not long after reaching adulthood, along with his Uncle Cronus and his cousin Hephaestus, and into the Windling Bachelor Pad.

As a Romance Sim he wined and dined several women in his time, including his old nanny Calista! Things changed once he started messing around with the maid Lucy, though. His father, Stephan, pressured him into marriage and the next thing he knew he was engaged, married, and Lucy was pregnant. Nine months later she gave birth to twin girls, Artemis and Themis. After that shock, Epimetheus bought a new house, Windling's Hollow, and moved there with his wife and children.

It was named The Hollow due to the fact that carried in his family, by him and his twin daughters, was his grandma Gaia's last visible genetics in the form of bright silver eyes. His twin brother Prometheus had not been born with the gene.

There was a rift between him and his father for many years afterwards. When the old man was on his death bed Epimetheus went to him and ultimately promised to have one more child with his wife so that Stephan could die happy. (He always was a sucker.) Epimetheus and Lucy had a third child, Eros (born on valentines day) and the breach between Stephan and Epimetheus was healed, allowing Epimetheus to get in on his half of the inheritance.

Using the funds he commissioned and had built a new home to accomodate his growing family, and also hopefully allow for a little action on the side. Hey, he's only a Romance Sim!

The Hollow

After salvaging my neighborhood from the wreckage that was the aftermath of the Legacy Challenge my Sims were all walking around in ugly default clothes in a modpodge of odd houses downloaded from all over the place. I had gotten Nightlife for Christmas and could already tell that the place would look horribe from the viewpoint of a lot if I were to install it (which I'm not planning on for awhile). So, while playing the Uni Legacy Challenge and my I'm Surrounded by Idiots Challenge, I'm plannng on slowly rebuilding fresh homes for all of my Winding families. They have become all the more special to me for having gone through so much effort to save them.

I'm also planning on sharing these houses that I build, without the families. It's too much work to delete their relationships and whipe their memories. All the homes will be fully furnished and designed for playability. Each home will be engineered with the family in mind, which is why I will always start these posts with a brief history of the family for which it was designed.

Windling's Hollow is a three bedroom, three and half bath home. One of the bedrooms is a functional nursery. The house comes with all necessary amenities, living room, dining room, kitchen. In addition it has an upstairs games room, a fully functional and furnished basement with a small skills room, a band room, and a teen hangout room that can easily be converted into a room to hide unsightly reward objects, such as the energizer. Remember to use the move objects cheat to place objects on the outside walls of the basement. There is also a balcony furnished for grilling and serving, and a patio with hot tub. A most expensive telescope is hidden in the woods to the back left of the lot, and there is room for a driveway to the front right of the lot.

The front:

The Hollow

The back:

The Hollow

The second floor:

The Hollow

The first floor:

The Hollow

The basement:

The Hollow

The family is not included. Please let me know if there are any problems with this lot.

The Hollow

Name: The Hollow
Requires: Sims 2, University
Size: Medium (3 x 3)
Status: Furnished, Decorated
Bedrooms: Three (Including Nursery)
Bathrooms: Three and a Half
Price: §190,579

The lot was repackaged so there are no hacks and no custom content.

Download TheHollow.zip
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Thanks for sharing!

Posted by: Annette on February 8, 2006 01:10 PM

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