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Somnium Latin: a dream, fantasy, day dream or foolishness, nonsense.

This blog contains pictures and stories from my adventures with The Sims 2 as well as my current progress on the many challenges issued by The Sims 2 community.

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The Last Letters

Filed under Legacy Challenge > 10th Generation on January 17, 2006

Hi Mama,

Just wanted to write to you really quick before the girls got up from their nap. Let me tell you, Weldon makes this look entirely too easy, and running an orphanage for girls is anything but! I started nice and easy taking on two girls from overloaded orphanages in town, Tina and Heather. They are both very sweet, but also can get up to mischief like you wouldn't believe the moment my back is turned!

Legacy Challenge

Heather is very much the philosophical one of the two. While Tina loves her poetry and her stories, Heather likes nothing more then a good debate. That child certaintly loves keeping me on my toes.

Legacy Challenge

Thankfully they both enjoy reading, something I can relate to. There almost seems little point to me forcing them to study since they do so much of it on their own. I do anyway, children need structure, as I'm sure you've told us a time or ten!

Legacy Challenge

Tina also enjoys getting up very early in the morning to go and paint the sunrise using the new easels I bought for the girls. Imagine the panic I was in when I woke up to find Heather still snug in her bed and Tina gone. It must have shaved years off of my life. At least you had papa and Uncle Warren to help you out with us miscreants, here it's just me!

Legacy Challenge

Of course, I couldn't just stop at two could I? I adopted another, a little girl named Angie. Talk about a trouble maker, this child had the utter gall to ask after the men in my life. As if she should be concerned about my marital status!

Legacy Challenge

I continued on from there. You know how I am about challenges. I never really know when to quit. I adopted two more, Anna and Virginia. I must say though, I do not remember having quite this much cheek when I was that age, you must misremember. They are all very smart young girls, but some seem just a bit too cocky to me.

Legacy Challenge

After I adopted a sixth child, Tosha, I began to allow the girls to spend meal times alone. At least they spoke of sensible things. They all are very interested in ghosts and aliens and the beyond. I couldn't be more proud of them.

Legacy Challenge

The last child that I adopted is named Rebecka and she has become the ringleader of the group so to speak. She is constantly organizing the girls into one mischief or another. I dread the seven of them ever meeting Weldon's boys. Well, I must dash, it is soon time to cook the girl's supper.

All my love,

Dear Mama,

Things are going well for me now that I have found my own place. I met a wonderful man named Waylon and before I knew it the two of us were engaged and now married! I know that Waylon is a bit older then me, but I heard that Echo is settling down with Lee so I'm sure it won't be that big of a shock for you.

Legacy Challenge

Waylon and I adore children so, and when it proved that we were having difficulty conceiving, and were told that we could only really expect one child if we were lucky, we decided to adopt. We ended up adopting five children in all: Donte, Korey, Maura, Mayhew and Mehrissa. We also had a single child of our own, Caspian.

Legacy Challenge

I've heard that Weldon and Robin have been adopting children too, so it seems you now have grandchildren all over the place, Mama! I hope it brings you joy.


Dear Weldon, Robin, Catalina, Jason, Beth, Abbey & Harmonia,

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Mama passed away last night. She was very happy and passed on with a serene smile on her face thinking of her large family and the legacy she has left behind. We miss her dearly, already.

Legacy Challenge

With sincere regret,
Gretchen, Kimberly & Echo

(Last post will go up tommorrow with the 10th Generation Heir and my Score. Whew! Nearly one year to the day from when I began this crazy adventure!)

Posted by Bitsy at 01:13 AM
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Must be an amazing feeling, I'm sure! ;-) I myself have never reached the 10th generations (stupid computer bugs!) but I'm determined to do it sometime! I think the farthest I got was 8 or 9th generation with the Palomas. I don't remember which. Oh well. Maybe I'll make it there with my new family which I'll start posting about soon. Congrats on all the kids! Must be a riot! ;-)

Posted by: Jessica on January 18, 2006 12:15 AM

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