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This blog contains pictures and stories from my adventures with The Sims 2 as well as my current progress on the many challenges issued by The Sims 2 community.

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The Long Awaited Arrival

Filed under Legacy Challenge > 5th Generation on April 25, 2005

I was bad and I went and played seventh generation for several hours last night. I told myself: "I will play until the game freezes and then go back to doing things I'm supposed to be doing." True to form, the game didn't freeze until 24 real time hours later. I didn't play the whole time, it just didn't freeze in all that time. Figures.

Anyway! Fifth generation, right. Maura, my third generation mama of ten (and step-mama of one) was finally allowed to pass into elderhood. It was so odd seeing Maura care for her youngest son Hermes who had just aged into a toddler. For some reason, even though I know she is his mother, I think of her as his grandmother. Like I need the added confusion.


Meanwhile Rhea's pregnancy has resumed normally. Unfortunately I didn't like how her aspiration dipped so low throughout the pregnancy. It was in low green by the end. With Maura it was always ok because I knew she would get 8,000 aspiration points once the child was born. Not so with Rhea who just wanted to interact with her husband, stargaze, and see ghosts.

Anyway, here she is! Miss Athena Windling. She has her mama's brown hair and her papa's grey eyes.


After that I switched to playing my satellite houses a bit. Don't worry I won't inudate you with pictures this time. I am just going to do a lot of telling and if you want the pictures you can check out the family tree. After all, there were 21 grandchildren in all and I don't even have pictures of them all! The pictures on the family tree were portraits extracted from the game using TS2Enchancer.

Atlas had moved out and had married Benjamin Long.


They ended up having one child, a little girl named Metis and she shocked me. While her fathers had blond and black hair, she had Maura's red!


Solveig had opened her orphanage and, even though I had heard from other players that they can adopt multiple children at once, I can only adopt one a day. The first day she adopted a girl named Mallory and the next day a girl named Lindsay.

After that I booted back into the main lot and it felt like it was taking forever. Or at least longer then usual. I thought this was because I had gotten used to the speedy satelite lots and didn't think much of it until the house loaded. Everything was crystal clear and very sharp. I had set the textures on high while playing at Atlas' place the Windling Ranch and hadn't thought to turn them low again before I booted out.

These next few pictures are just random shots I took of the house with the textures high like this. I didn't hit play until I turned them down again, though. It took forever just to move from one camera angle to another, I definitely wasn't going to risk hitting play with seven Sims on the lot.


Hermes begging to be let out. And begging to be let out with grain on the wood, braiding in the rug and little bees on the bedding in his crib. I had always thought they were flowers. I hate bees.


Yes, I'm weird, it's just the bathroom. But, it's the bathroom with discernible tile.


The pinball machines, actually clear enough to see what the games theme is. I always had a general idea before. I knew one was a water theme and one an alien one. But, I didn't realize that there was a man in that shark's mouth! Ah!


Maura in high texture glory. She even has shadows and her curls bob when she moves her head. Ok, so I hit play for one second. I also love the detail that went into the making of her nightgown.


Shea fast asleep. Those blankets actually look comfortable for once.


This is the door that leads out to the mosuleum, the door to the left leads to the children's playroom. In real life kids wouldn't go anywhere near that place because when the ghosts are haunting you can hear it crystal clear from there.


Aphrodite haunting the mosuleum. They look more blue then white with it all set on high like this.


There's actually tubes of paint at the easels. Nice to know some things don't just pop out of hammer space.


They actually set a designer to creating art for the covers of kids homework notebooks. The attention to detail astounds me.


Even down to actually putting numbers in the pin ball machines. Just as a future fun thing to do. Set two people (with low skill) to playing the pinball machine and then rotate the camera so that you are inside it looking out at them and then hit play. Kids are the best for this because they are short enough so that you can see the flippers, the pin ball, and the kids face. It is a cool way to watch the kids play no matter the graphics settings. The expressions are awesome.

Ok, back to the update.

Rhea came home from her work as a Hostess just as Robi was serving up hamburgers for dinner. He had a want to learn how to make them. The image they struck was just too ironic. Just who is supposed to be serving who here?


Also at about this time both Rhea and Robi were high enough in their careers that I was able to get both the Medical and the Culinary career reward object. Here is Maura giving her son Shea lessons on the Incision Precision machine thing. It was hilarious watching those two go at it.


Meanwhile Rhea was suffering through the spare's pregnancy and ended up giving birth to a baby boy with blond hair and grey eyes. I named him Apollo.


This shot Prometheus into Platinum. Grandchildren normally do, it is the easiest way to have an Elder die in Platinum.


The following night Athena grew into a child, and a very pretty one at that.


Which was followed by Apollo growing into a toddler.


It was only as I was having Robi put Apollo to bed that I realized...

"Hey, it's mini-me!"

Too lazy to do a next time. You will just have to be suprised. Till then!

Posted by Bitsy at 09:46 AM
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How cool! I love your Greek naming thing. I'm studying Greek Mythology in school right now, so it helps with my knowledge! Lol. Isn't everything just wonderfuk on high setting? I have everything on high setting all the time now that I have a bunch of RAM and a great video card. It's a great investment! ;-) Great update Bitsy, I can't wait to read more. Your family tree looks great by the way.

Posted by: Jessica on April 26, 2005 07:51 PM

Unfortunately, I can never upgrade my video card since it is hard wired into my laptop. :( Ah well, I can have my fancy pictures as long as I am on a small lot, I have that at least. Thanks for the comment, btw, and good luck with your studies. ;)

Posted by: Bitsy on April 29, 2005 09:47 AM

this slide show sucked big time and i dont even know wht the heck was happeneing and get that blurr of the pictures u doof and make a better story wiht better looking people u 3x doofus

Posted by: Bmonolimalymonlimniumlamabeany on June 23, 2006 07:53 PM

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