Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About

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Another gem by Mil Millington, this was also another book that I read aloud to my husband. It often had both of us in tears from laughing so much. Partly for the well written humor and commentary on relationships, and partly because we related to a lot of the arguments had by Pel and Ursula.

In the story Pel has to deal with missing colleagues, paying off illegal deals, and stepping into increasingly larger shoes as more and more work is foisted off on him. Ursula and his kids make things at home similarly wacky and stressful as they deal with moving to a new home, renting out their old one and visits to school counselors.

No, no, no, no, no. Sex should not be fun, okay? Sex can be lots of things – thrilling, romantic, scary, mindless, dirty, dangerous, frantic, forbidden, freaky – but if you’re finding it ‘fun,’ you’re doing it wrong.”

The story was very funny if you like English humor, and is also very sweet with the love between Pel and Ursula expounded upon and strengthened by the arguments, not in spite of. Pel keeps getting in trouble and it’s a bit like watching a train wreck as you read on and continue rooting for him even as the problems keep mounting and it seems there’s no way he can get himself out of the trouble he’s in.

That’s the only reason it lost a star. The ending, while sweet and almost exactly what one would expect, was not a typical “everything turns out right in the end”. Which I suppose makes it more real, as things normally don’t. But, you can’t help being just a teensy bit disappointed. I hear Mil is working on making this into a screenplay. I look forward to seeing it if it ever comes out.

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