Press Boners


A short, small book Press Boners contains various typos, miss-sayings, poorly written sentences, and out right sarcastic headlines and article quotes from newspapers all across the country. It was a book foisted off on me by my father-in-law when he was going through his books and decided to get rid of several in a move.

The positives of the book is that it was at times laugh out loud funny, the sly jabs at men, women, and various situations were amusing to read as well as the intentional and unintentional humor found in them. It was also amusing to find the Lancaster New Era quoted a handful of times, my old hometown newspaper.

Arriving at the Honolulu airport, the two men were presented with coveted lays be several Hawaiian maidens.
–Chicago (Ill.) News

The cons far outweighed them though. This book is not organized in any way – not by subject, type of mistake, or region. This led to 174 pages of headlines and quotes with absolutely no break. It made it good bathroom reading at first but eventually even that got boring. Especially when I came across yet another sexist remark hidden in bad english, or yet another jab at someone’s husband for some reason whether accidental or intentional.

This book was also published in the 1960’s, hence the reason that the title is so obviously dated (it wouldn’t have passed the smell test with a bunch of pre-teen boys nowadays, they would have giggled themselves silly). Also the sexist and sometimes racist remarks got to be a bit much after a while. I’m willing to take a jab or two at my sex, as some women out there live up to the misogynist’s stereotype and I can even find that funny, but over and over for pages and pages of unsorted, sometimes not all that funny, headlines? Bleh.

Speaking of not all that funny, I would say that probably only one or two headlines per page should have gone to print. The rest, while mildly amusing, normally didn’t even have me cracking a smile.

Now a days this kind of content would be better suited to a website. People could submit them, rate them, tag them, comment on them, sort them to view by subject, location, etc and it could lead to an enjoyable 10 minutes of someone’s life. But, as a book it just didn’t really work out at all. Perfect for the 1960’s where there would be no other way for this information to get out, but for modern day there are better ways to present this information.

My second one star, but my first book that I actually no longer want in my collection. Perhaps I’ll BookCross it, it might make good train reading for someone someday for the 10-20 minutes during which the book is actually interesting enough to bear reading.

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