Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride

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I love reading sequels to Jane Austen‘s classic works, particularly her novel Pride and Prejudice and that’s why I picked up Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride. After reading The Last Man in the World I was in the mood for a try from a different author as that one didn’t quite cut it for me. This one was more to my liking!

Picking up where Pride and Prejudice left off this humorous novel starts off with the double wedding and it’s immediate aftermath. Lizzie gets whisked off to London society and faces the Ton who find her wit and sparkle just as engaging as Mr. Darcy did, in fact some find it a little too engaging, culminating in making a very powerful ally in the person of the Marchioness of Englebury. The story of London society and the workings and machinations of the upper classes of the time was engaging and often laugh out loud funny as the author kept to the tone of Jane Austen’s sardonic wit. The characters not only stayed in character but were developed throughout the book and grew and changed in very believable ways.

I would rather they did not speak of it at all, until I am out of the district.”
       Mrs. Bennet was all amazement.
       “Until you are out of the district, child! What else are people to speak of when they hear you are to marry a man so rich, so highly placed in society, so… rich?”

Unfortunately this book did end up introducing almost too many new characters whose parts drove the plot for a greater part of the book. Also I saw some people complain that Mr. Darcy was too withdrawn, but the thing is he always was and I think proved that he had changed but not drastically. Being a social butterfly would have been too much of a turn around from Pride and Prejudice. On the other hand, he did brood a little more than I thought he would have, some people complained that he was controlling but I think he was just acting the part of a man of the time would when it came to those situations with other men and his wife.

All in all I’m going to rate this book fairly high. I read it aloud to my husband and we both found the plot humorous and engaging, and the ending for Lydia and Wickham very fitting. The storyline with Kitty though was almost too much and that combined with a few other missteps in Mr. Darcy and Mary’s character (don’t want to give too much away) is why this novel lost a star.

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