Love and Marriage

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I had never read a book written by a comedian before, though I have read comedic writing (in the form of David Sedaris). That said I found this book to be very entertaining and laugh out loud funny. Love and Marriage is a humorous accounting of Bill Cosby’s success and failures in love in the first half of the book, and in marriage in the second half.

A lot of people were disappointed in Love and Marriage because, unlike his book Fatherhood there was humor but no wit, no advice on what to do to survive the uncertain waters of love or marriage. Because Bill Cosby, like the rest of us, is just as clueless about what makes love and marriage work. He has a general idea, as do we all, but a lot of it remains a mystery as he himself admits. I didn’t read Fatherhood but I also didn’t feel like I could hold him not being in a position to dole out advice against him.

Suddenly, this romantic agony was enriched by a less romantic one: I had to go to the bathroom. Needless to say, I couldn’t let her know about this urge, for great lovers never did such things. The answer to “Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?” was not “In the men’s room, Julie.”

On the one hand it was comforting, here is a guy married for several decades with five kids and he doesn’t have any advice to offer save to laugh about it and remember the good times when you can. On the other hand, here is a guy that was married for several decades with five kids and he doesn’t have any advice to offer. A pretty discouraging thought for the rest of us!

As a woman the beginning of the book was a little uncomfortable as it was borderline misogynistic and very base. But, what are you to expect out of a young teenage boy? Ultimately I was able to work past it and saw at least some of the humor in the situations that arose.

All in all, this book was laugh out loud funny (especially if you mentally read it in the cadence and style of Cosby) and was a very enjoyable read. There were a lot of parts that I wanted to share with my husband, but unfortunately he had already read the book so it wasn’t new for him. Definitely a strong recommendation for a married couple to read, even more so then reading it by one’s self, though it’s still good!

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