Too Many Bookshelves

I have entirely too many bookshelves. Actually, I want to reword that because that implies that I think that less would be better and the opposite is true. I would love to have another bookcase and more books to put on it! But, in my tiny apartment, I am running out of space for books, this much is true.

I’m not jealous with my books, they are everywhere and anyone is welcome to (well, most) of the collection. As long as they bring the book back, eventually. I have shelves in the bedroom (one), shelves in the kitchen (four) shelves in the dining room (five), shelves in the living room (six) and shelves in the office (eleven).

Aside from the standard fare

There are books, too many to bear

The poor case’s fate

From far too much weight

Was to sag in great need of repair

And, yes, they are all organized. I keep them grouped by subject (general fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, classics, philosophy, non-fiction, text books, photography, cooking and reference) and some authors get their own shelves (Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkein). We also keep a basket of children’s books for visiting little ones. Then the books are organized by last name of the author in alphabetical order within those categories, and then alphabetically by title within the author. Yes, for real.

I also use a program to help me keep track of it all, MediaMan, which is a huge help when dealing with a library of 610 books, at last count. Though sometimes I’m a little lackluster about keeping it up to date, it really comes in handy. Not to mention when I recently had to find authors with letters in their names for my entrance into the A-Z Reading Challenge it became absolutely essential.

Concerning the limerick, yes, it’s true, I have broken bookshelves with the weight of my books. I can see at least three sagging badly just from where I sit alone. I really need to reorganize so that lighter books are on those shelves, or just buy sturdier shelves!

Since it’s just my husband and I all our books are organized together, I think when we have kids they might get their own bookcases or their own bookshelves for their collections. I really hope I can engender a love of reading in them too, or at least a love of being read to!

2 Responses to Too Many Bookshelves

  1. caite
    4:51 pm on November 9th, 2009

    love the poem! and sadly, it is true for me as well. I blame my double shelving but what can one do?

  2. Bitsy
    1:14 pm on November 10th, 2009

    Grin and bear it, I suspect. I certainly am not planning on giving any up!

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