It’s All About Me

When someone else’s life is so interesting, so riveting, so special that you just gotta learn all about it there are only a few book form ways to do so. You can read what they have to say about it, in the form of an autobiography. You can read what someone else has to say about it in the form of a biography, or occasionally if their life is so controversial you can read about it in a “reveal” type novel uncovering all their dirty little secrets, at least alleged secrets anyway. And, finally you can read a memoir, just the funny or cute moments, the ones that might have a lesson, the ones that might mean something to others.

I have to say that autobiographies tend to be boring, even when written by famous people, they just can’t tell you everything until after certain people are dead. I think we all have things like that, don’t we? Well, most of us, right? Some? Plus they have an agenda, they have to make themselves look good.

Biographies also can tend to be boring. They will tell you everything, but sometimes there just isn’t a lot to tell. They normally don’t have an agenda, just want to tell all the facts, good or bad, about a certain person, and that can get to be a drag after awhile, even if it’s just the highlights. No one can be super interesting 24-7.

Then there are the “reveals” the “truthers” the “conspiracy theorists” with tin foil hat in place ready to tell you the real story. The fact that the real story is twice as titillating as an autobiography, with half the facts of a biography, resulting in phenomenal sales in certain sets of society is just coincidence. Plus they have an agenda too, they have to make the guy look bad.

So, I guess that leaves memoirs. I think it was obvious from the start that I was slanted towards those. Generally written by the person, occasionally by an outsider, and generally they are entertaining and meaningful glimpses into a person’s life. You can look at their experiences, laugh with them, cry with them, and learn from them in ways that can be applied to your own life, experiences and relationships. After all, when I’m reading a book, even about somebody else, it really is all about me.

As an aside, if I really want to learn about someone’s life, I won’t buy a book over it, I’ll just go to wikipedia.

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