Fellowship of the Ring Wrap-Up

I actually finished up this book a while ago but am just now getting around to blogging about it. I’m really behind on all things book blogging related! I loved reading this book and was glad to finally have the opportunity to start the books of the trilogy I already know so much about. I also really enjoyed talking about the books with my husband, though the discussions with the read-a-long have been fun too! I’m enjoying all of the different takes on the books, it’s very interesting.

Since we’re dealing with a third of a novel, instead of the first novel in a series, do you find anything different?

It is definitely different than a stand-alone book would be. I’m used to this set story arc and I felt like that was not fulfilled with the first book. It just sort of ends. I understand why they did things differently in the movie and kept going a little bit longer to set up for the sequel and to end it on a more fulfilling note for all the characters instead of just for Frodo and Sam.

Do Books One and Two have significant differences to you?

I thought so! The beginning was very much an introduction, set the mood, line up the characters, show the countryside, the world, and the back story of it all. Book Two was much more action packed. The trip into Moria was very freaky! The scene in the movie where Pippin knocks the bucket down the well and summons the orcs is the scariest scene I have ever seen in a movie, it’s straight out of my nightmares. The book was also similarly edge of your seat freaky and I loved it. The scenes at Lothlorien were kind of dreamlike and I mentioned to my husband that it was a bit like being at a save point when playing a fantasy video game. My husband laughed and told me to keep reading and sure enough a few pages later they mentioned that time was different there so it was a time stasis chance to rejuvenate. Tolkein came up with it before video game designers did!

Who’s your favorite character so far into the novel?

I have to say, I’m loving Gimli. I saw on Twitter that people were complaining that in the movie it wasn’t made clear how rare and one-of-a-kind Gimli and Legolas’ friendship was. I didn’t think that at all. Long before I read this book I understood that and loved both characters all the more for it. (I do watch the extended versions though, don’t recall what the short version was like.) I liked getting to see more of their relationship and the growth of Gimli throughout the book though, that was pretty cool.

My second fave would have to be Sam. He’s already grown and changed so much, he has stopped addressing everyone by “sir” and for all his “if you take my meaning” ‘s he is really down to earth and pretty smart. He’s also just such a sweetie! Even more so than in the movie, I thought.

What surprised you the most?

The whole book was one long surprise. I never knew what to expect and enjoyed all of the differences I read about and all of the new scenes and back story that I never knew about from the movie. It was really very enjoyable.

What was your favorite scene?

You want me to choose?! Ugh, okay, I guess that would have to be the birthday party way back at the beginning. That was lots of fun to read about and it was great to get all of that back story on the hobbits and their families and their whole culture. It was pretty cool.

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