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Fellowship of the Ring Wrap-Up

I actually finished up this book a while ago but am just now getting around to blogging about it. I’m really behind on all things book blogging related! I loved reading this book and was glad to finally have the opportunity to start the books of the trilogy I already know so much about. I also really enjoyed talking about the books with my husband, though the discussions with the read-a-long have been fun too! I’m enjoying all of the different takes on the books, it’s very interesting.

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The Hunger Games Wrap-Up

To be completely honest I totally forgot I was all set up for this. I found out about it in January. Checked the book out of the library in February. Read it in bits and snatches throughout the move, the book seemed to be set up for it.

Each chapter was a short but engaging and vivid bite and it always ended on a cliff hanger, forcing me to work double fast to get back to it during the next meal time break.

I finished reading the book. Then, in the flurry of moving, I totally forgot about it. I remembered the book discussion (the whole reason I picked it up in the first place) the day after it was over. So, I’m posting my answers here!

What follows is my answers to a series of discussion questions on The Hunger Games posted over at Barney’s Book Blog. This discussion will contain spoilers.

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Fellowship of the Ring Mid-Point

So, here I am, half way through and seriously I need to stop starting my posts with the word “so”. Anyway, things are calming down a lot here and I am seriously behind on my reading and I’m getting stressed about it, which just seems so wrong. Do I really need stress on top of the stress? Maybe a nice relaxing read-a-thon will help. Too bad the next one that I know about doesn’t start until April. Anyone know of any before then? Like, this weekend perhaps?

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Fellowship of the Ring Start

So, here I am ready to start The Fellowship of the Ring, this part of the read-a-long is hosted over at The Literary Omnivore. I actually started it a few days ago, so I have that going for me and I’m going to try my best to have it finished by the end of this month. I’ve spent the last few weeks moving and I’m certain that has to be some form of my idea of hell. I still have dreams where there is more stuff left to pack and I’m endlessly running around throwing stuff into boxes all night long and waking up more stressed then when I went to sleep. I’m settled for a little while though so expect a flurry of updates, including this one!

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Hobbit Wrap-Up

Wow, this was posted late but I got around to answering it even later! I’m in the middle of a move, we are settled more or less but planning to move again very soon, and so I’ve only now had a chance to do some blogging. I finished The Hobbit nearly a month ago now but I think it’s still fresh enough I can do this wrap-up post.

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