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Narnia Reading Project

I am looking forward to this. I am planning on re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia in 2012 and am eager to review these books from an adult perspective. I haven’t read this series in over a decade.

Harry Potter Reading Challenge

This coming year I am signing up for the 2012 Harry Potter Reading Challenge and am planning on re-reading all the Harry Potter books and re-watching all the Harry Potter movies! I’m pretty excited about it as I have meant to get back to these books for a long time.

100 ‘Shots of Short’ Reading Challenge

This is an ongoing challenge that involves reading 100 short stories in whatever order or time frame you want to do them in. A fairly safe challenge to go for, I thought! Plus I got The Years Best Fantasy and Horror for Christmas and to really do it justice I wanted to review the stories individually instead of all as one lump. Reviewing it all together like that is hardly fair considering how many different editors and authors contributed to the book. They should each be judged on their own merits, I think. This doesn’t get me all the way to 100, but it gets me nearly half way there, and I have an older Years Best Fantasy and Horror that I bet will make up the difference.

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Chunkster Reading Challenge

I promised myself I would only sign up for two more challenges this year and here is one of them. The Chunkster Reading Challenge asks that you read a certain number of book with 450+ pages (of adult literature). And, boy, do I have just the books that can fill those shoes. You see, years ago I started reading a series and finished the first three and then waited for the fourth to come out. When the fourth finally did I started it only to realize I needed to reread the first three to really get number four. That was a depressing seven years ago now. My husband has since read through all four books and has been pestering me to read the series, so here is my promise to him. I will get it read this year, or fail this challenge!

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Reading Through The Seasons

Reading Through The Seasons over at Book Dragon’s Lair caught my eye because I’ve always wanted to do something special to mark the changing of the seasons and this seems to be a great way to do it. You commit to reading four books, one for each season, and each book must have the name of one of the four seasons in its title.

I thought I would take it a step further and actually read four books for each season, one each month of the season (thing is, winter starts late in December, four days before Christmas late, yuck). But, I give myself freedom to change my mind later if I’m not turning up enough winter books to taste, since that’s what I’m starting with. Three more months of winter, how depressing! At least I will have books to cheer me up with.

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