About Page

Ex Libris Bitsy is the book blog of Bitsy, avid reader and all around book fanatic based in St Louis, Missouri. I’m really crazy about fairy tales, but I’m also big into both fantasy and science fiction. Whether it’s reviews of fantastic books and short stories, themed must read book lists, author interviews, book giveaways, the latest book news, or discussions on books it all gets posted here.

I’m also pretty active on Good Reads, Google+ and Twitter where I ramble and share links about book related things and Tumblr where I talk exclusively about fairy tales. Please feel free to get in touch with me on any platform, I love to chat about books, fairy tales and more and am always up for reading suggestions!

I have been blogging for well over a decade and posted my first book review in 2001. I went on to start up this book blog in 2005. I really got involved in the book blogging community in 2009 and have been blogging, tweeting, tumbling and plusing about books ever since.

Online I go by Bitsy, a real life nick name I’ve had since I was a little kid derived from my real name, Elizabeth. When I started blogging back in 1998 I lived up to the name, being the smallest kid in the class, but after starting high school I finally hit a late growth spurt and now it’s become a bit of a misnomer. Lesson for the kiddies, don’t pick an online name to go by that risks not standing the test of time!

Welcome to Ex Libris Bitsy, I hope you find some great books you’ll want to read here!