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Read-a-Thon October 2013

I am super excited about getting to do another read-a-thon! I have big plans today that unfortunately involve a lot of homework as well as a lot of reading. Though one of the homework assignments is going to involve logging into an MMO and herding chickens (yes, really!). So that will make the day both fun and bizarre!

My reading list involves making good progress with the manga my brothers want me to read, One Piece, and getting started on the sequel to The Maze Runner the lovely Scorch Trials (I’m sure the story isn’t lovely, but the cover art is!). Hopefully will make some progress with reading related homework as well with The Fellowship of the Ring and a bit of The Faerie Queene.

For my fellow read-a-thoners, some previous read-a-thon goodies!

Now to start reading!

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