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From Far Away Volume 4

[openbook booknumber=”1591167701″] [rating:4/5]

A prophecy of doom, passed down from generation to generation, has finally arrived. Manifest in the form of a young teenage girl named Noriko, the awakening promises a new world of frightening uncertainty.

But not everybody lives in fear of this ancient prophecy. Slowly, a group of sympathizers has come together to befriend and protect the vulnerable teenager. One of them, a valorous warrior by the name of Izark, continues to stay by her side despite the gander and complications that lie ahead.

In an attempt to avoid capture, Noriko and her band of allies travel into the White Mist Forest. Danger lurks everywhere, however… especially in this infrequently traveled wildwood!

Wow! Everything in this volume has reached new heights and I really think the series is starting to come into its own. Noriko and Izark find themselves in some pretty precarious situations after they were separated in the previous volume. What happens next was worth having in its own volume. Wow is all I can say without spoiling things, just wow.

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January 2012 Wrap-Up

I did not get as much reading done this month as I might have liked. I was hit by a pretty bad slump through most of the first half of January. The cold of winter always gets to me and I always find myself more down than usual this time of year. I did end up participating in a read-a-thon towards the end of the month, A Winter’s Respite. My reading picked up a lot after that and my mood with it!

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