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Baby Be-Bop

[openbook booknumber=”0064471764″][rating:4/5]

In this novel set prior to Weetzie Bat, teenager Dirk McDonald, Weetzie’s best pal, has always known he is gay. What he doesn’t know is how to tell his grandma Fifi – until one night, when all the wild and powerful story-images from the past begin to flow out of a magic lamp.

With the three deaths that have happened recently, young people driven beyond the brink from being bullied due to their homosexuality, I was glad when I picked up the final book in the Dangerous Angels series. It gave me some hope.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 10

[openbook booknumber=”1421504618″][rating:5/5]

In an alchemical ritual gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm and his leg, and his brother Alphonse became nothing but a soul in a suit of armor. Equipped with mechanical “auto-mail” limbs, Edward becomes a state alchemist, seeking the one thing that can restore his and his brother’s bodies… the legendary Philosopher’s Stone.

Barry the Chopper, the psychopathic killer whose soul is encased in a suit of armor, has been captured by Colonel Mustang’s troops. Fearing he will reveal the Philosopher’s Stone conspiracy, Gluttony and Lust decide to kill him, using Barry’s own original soulless body to track him down! Though Colonel Mustang has anticipated their moves and set up an ambush, Gluttony and Lust prove too powerful and easily fight their way through to Barry, who is being protected by Al and Lieutenant Hawkeye. In a terrible battle, a badly injured Colonel Mustang sacrifices all in a last-ditch attempt to stop Lust!

In Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 10 the whole volume is filled with surprises as the plot does another twist revealing new surprises and new information on the homunculi. I also noticed in this volume for the first time how old Edward has gotten, especially in his picture on the cover. He has been drawn very believably growing older and growing up throughout the series. The plot thickens and things get complex as you are trying to figure out who knew what when but Arakawa keeps you engaged and keeps the plot explanations from getting too out of control with skill.

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Missing Angel Juan

[openbook booknumber=”0064471209″][rating:4/5]

Lonely City

A tangly-haired, purple-eyed girl named Witch Baby lives in glitzy L.A. She loves a guy named Angel Juan. When he leaves for New York she knows she must find him.

Looking For Love

So she heads for the city of glittery buildings and garbage and Chinese food and drug dealers and subways and kids playing hip-hopscotch.

Finding Trouble

Her clues are an empty tree house in the park, a postcard on the street, a mannequin in a diner. Angel Juan is in danger, and only Witch Baby’s heart-magic can make him safe.

For every fan of the new modern love triangle, “tru wuv”, your love is my drug, I will die without you YA romance novels that have been published recently I humbly beg and plead for you to read this book. It’s time for you to wake up.

Missing Angel Juan is a fantastical, magical, fairy tale story that addresses some very real emotions, needs and addictions of a teen couple that separate due to their fear and addiction to love.

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Read-a-Thon October 2010

I am so psyched for my second Dewey Read-a-Thon, and my third overall. For the last two I managed to stay up all 24 hours and had a lot of fun doing it. This time I’m aiming for the same and have a whole lot of books I’m ready to sink my teeth into throughout the day.

First up is a new to me manga series (that is finished!) From Far Away by Kyoko Hikawa.

I’ve been eyeballing this one at the library all summer but just never got around to checking it out until now!

It’s an action/adventure fantasy romance about a girl that gets transported magically to a far away land where there is danger, a prophecy, and a man she just can’t stop thinking about.

The art is really alien-beautiful and the series looks really interesting, I can’t wait to give it a whirl.

Next up is a book that I actually discovered again thanks to this read-a-thon! Last time around a mini-challenge made me remember this book and this time around I went on a bit of a pilgrimage to get it just so that I would have it to read for this read-a-thon.

Seaward by Susan Cooper is a wonderful book that first got me interested in ancient mythology in non-Egyptian countries. It also could technically be considered my first ship!

It’s been a very long time since I read this book, so I barely remember anything that happens and I’m looking forward to the trip down memory lane.

And, in case I decide to get too comfortable, my third selection is an impulse library acquisition. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan has been talked about a lot in the book blogging world in the last year or so and it definitely has gotten my interest. So I’m finally biting the bullet and giving it a whirl.

I do not normally do this for books that are from an unfinished series, thank you Robert Jordan for scaring me off of that for life (may you rest in peace, though). Let’s hope granting this exception is well worth it!

I have several other odds and ends books waiting in the wings in case I get bored and frustrated. I think I will start with the manga to get a book or two under my belt early and then go from there. And, yes, I was stressed and pressed for time but I did make just one more button for the read-a-thon, and you are more than welcome to borrow it if you wish, I don’t mind.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 9

[openbook booknumber=”142150460X”][rating:5/5]

In an alchemical ritual gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm and his leg, and his brother Alphonse became nothing but a soul in a suit of armor. Equipped with mechanical “auto-mail” limbs, Edward becomes a state alchemist, seeking the one thing that can restore his and his brother’s bodies… the legendary Philosopher’s Stone.

Ed, Al and Winry return to Central Command, but only bad news greets the Fullmetal Alchemist and his friends. Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes has been murdered – and Second Lieutenant Maria Ross is the prime suspect! While Maria awaits an uncertain fate in jail, the living suit of armor bearing the soul of serial killer “Barry the Chopper” breaks free of the military and goes on a rampage. Now, the mysterious Homunculi must come out of the shadows to deal with the mess before their monstrous conspiracy is exposed. But for Colonel Mustang, Maes Hughes’ former best friend, it’s not about the truth; it’s about revenge…

It’s really hard to review volume 9 without giving out some major spoilers, so if this review is more vague than most I apologize. Volume 9 is a bit of a wake up call as Maes Hughes death finally comes to light for the Fullmetal Alchemist and his friends. They are devastated by the loss and blame themselves for dragging him into this mess in the first place. They have some tough decisions to face as a result and some real growth is shown here for both the boys and for Winry as well.

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