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The Princes in the Tower

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For those of you who don’t know the story of the princes in the tower here is a quick re-cap.

There were two princes of England who were eight and twelve when the oldest of the two inherited the throne. Their father had died unexpectedly young and this lead to an unfortunate power struggle. The two boys were ultimately locked up in the White Tower by their uncle, Richard III who then assumed the throne.

Some year or so later the boys mysteriously disappeared. In modern times what is almost certainly their bones were found buried beneath a stair well in the tower which has brought the mystery of their plight and ultimate fate back to the fore-front of modern debate.

This book takes the debate, and approaches it in a very linear and logical fashion. The author lists all of the sources of reliable information and lists not only what she considers to be the best and worst sources, but why she considers them so.

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